Welcome to the VRF Rolex Dial Project


To submit a dial to the database, please email the best quality scans of your dials to Tom at tomvox1@hotmail.com. Or post it on the main forum and we will copy it from there.

Please include as much of the following information as you have available:

  • Model #
  • Case serial #
  • Inner caseback date stamp:
  • Caliber of movement:
  • Comments/provenance

    Dials that you submit should be of watches that you have photographed yourself or own. Please, no watches found on the internet, no watches for sale through dealers or eBay. By submitting your dials, you give the VRF permission to store them on the VRFs servers and display them in the dial archive. You retain ownership and may request your dials to be removed. You may chose to remain anonymous or you may give your name for attribution.

    Remember, the Dial Archive is here for educational purposes and the benefit of the collector community. As such we are constantly working to keep it a fake free, top-level resource. That being said, we will always require your help as members of this community to keep an eye out for suspicious dials, as we consider this a collaborative effort and no one individual can possibly know every aspect of Vintage Rolex authenticity issues--there are simply too many varieties with new ones coming to light all the time. In the end, the Archive is a resource by and for collectors and hopefully quite a helpful one but it does not take the place of your own experience and ideas of what is legitimate and what you are willing to spend your hard-earned money on.




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